Greg Holba | About
At fifteen I picked up a film camera and created photographs for fun. Now the motivation is different. My expressions of living landscapes hopefully feed the soul, and allow people to escape everyday life and feel again the places you have been or would like to visit.

I owe much of my motivation to the owners of the first UK organic cafe, Woodruffs in Gloucestershire, UK. They allowed me to hold a number of free exhibitions in my early photographic career. The comments I received from visitors made me realise that my images evoked positive emotions, often bringing back memories of places that people thought they have been even though the locations photographed were not the places they knew. The feedback encouraged me to continue, to develop and experiment.

Now I work semi-professionally as a landscape and fine art photographer. Unlike my landscape images, my fine art work studio work is designed to generate thought and debate. Over the last three years a number of my images have been successful in the prestigious international monochrome Spider Awards.

For those of you interested, most of my images are made using Leica and Nikon digital cameras. But I must admit to occasionally regressing and using film in a Hasselblad or my trusted original teenage Olympus.

I hope you enjoy the images you view and that the ones that feed your mind and soul stay with you for years to come.